Our services

We base our work mainly in two fields of intervention, with the strong belief that our expertise ensures we can adequately address the needs of our clients and provide creative solutions for industrial sectors that are constantly evolving.


In the technologic field, we want to grow with our clients. We advise several companies in their start-up process, allowing us to work with them throughout their development and growth. We have advised several technologic businesses, including those that specialize in banking, network operators, software developers, and internet providers.


To achieve our goals, we collaborate with other law firms that complement and enhance our work. Among them, we are honor to highlight  Dikei Abogados, a distinguished multidisciplinary law firm, with whom we have been maintaining a close collaboration for more than seven years.

Entertainment Law


This field includes, among others, the following areas:

Audiovisual production

Event Organization

Image rights

Publishing & Media



Music (publishing and production)


Funding (public and private)



Intellectual property claims and infractions

Contract drafting

Due diligence



This field includes, among others, the following areas:

Data protection




Social networks

Online business

Due Diligences and law enforcement reports

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