We have young and specialized professionals.

We are people that not only know our work perfectly, but also we do it vocationally. Our staff is included in the teaching staff of various universities and business schools since 2008. We are part of the list of experts for the European Union (EACEA / 2007) in the cultural sector, audiovisual area and a number of us are members of the Permanent Investigation Seminar for the Audiovisual Sector in Spain organized by the Fundación Instituto Universitario de Investigación José Ortega y Gasset.

We don’t just have expertise, we do our job well because we love it.

We give comprehensive advice.

Our work is centered mainly in entertainment law and new technologies, but we have the privilege of collaborating with other law firms that specialize in several other law fields, allowing us to give a multidisciplinary advice.

Further, we would be happy to integrate ourselves into an existing team of advisors (for example, your tax advisor or your in-house attorney) if you feel that this would help you to achieve the best possible results.

We apply extremely high quality standards to our services.

We have written quality commitments for our response times.

You will always know how your project is coming along and our professionals will be completely available to you to inform you how much time remains before the work will be completed.

We are flexible.

We are a small law firm, a legal boutique, which allow us to adapt quickly and easily to our clients’ requests.

We make your project our project.

We immerse ourselves in your project as if it were our own.

And if we can, and it interests you, we can put you in contact with other professionals that you may find interesting and useful for your business.

Why hiring us?

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